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Бизнес-школа Green City продолжает набор на обучение по программам МВА: Pre - MBA, "МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ В ЗДРАВООХРАНЕНИИ И ФАРМАЦИИ", МВА - Команда будущего (Master of Business Administration), Лидеры Агробизнеса Среда для лидерского роста
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Green City Business School


Vasilii Kozlov, the Rector of Green City Business School , Doctor of Science Economics, Professor:

“I have a dream – to build up an attractive place for creative people, so called “a factory of the future”. It will be a place of meeting active, intelligent and successful professionals concerned with the destiny of Russia and its improvement.

Partnership with leading business schools of Russia, membership in the Russian Association of Business Education allows us to invite the best teachers, consultants, successful businessmen.

We offer the best education for business! Put off everyday affairs! Update your business decisions! Discuss with professionals risks and new horizons of your business! Recharge your intellectual and emotional resource! Learn the history of success at first hand! Our goal is to prepare you for competitive leadership, help you to achieve balance and brightness in life and work!"


Business school “Green City” is situated in a picturesque suburb of Nizhniy Novgorod (Zeleniy gorod), about 20 km from the centre of the city, on the territory of 30 hectares. Unique woodland, ponds and lawns, terraces, ski runs and skating-rink, miniature-golf, café and hotel make it a great place not only to study but also to spend leisure time and relax.

About the project

Green City Business School is built up on the basis of the "Nizhny Novgorod Regional Institute of management and economics of AIC”, which was established in 1936.

In November 2006 the current Green City MBA programme (Master of Business Administration) received governmental license (No. 164392 of 15 March 2005). The school also gives short courses and seminars for small and mid-sized business. The Green City MBA fulfills the idea of continuous learning and complete immersion in the learning process. This is achieved through a balanced combination of theory and practice, as well as the use of modern technologies in education.

МВА (Master of Business Administration) is a programme for motivated people who want to improve and maintain their competitiveness. The MBA professional qualification is the most respected worldwide, because it generates the most highly skilled managers.

Programme objective: formation practical knowledge and analytical skills required to improve performance, development and implementation of the general development strategy.

School year 2011-2012 Green City MBA programmes

  • Executive Education (for proprietors of business and top-managers).
  • MBA - Command of the future (for managers and specialists of the functional units).
  • Pre-MBA (preparatory programme).
  • Corporate MBA programmes.

The benefits of education in Green City Business School

Green City Business School has modern facilities: the conference room for 150 – 200 people, 12 audiences, the hotel, a dining room, cafes, a mini golf field, a ski-base. Modern multimedia equipment, broadband access to the Internet and Wi-Fi allows to hold video conferences and distance learning.

In staff there are more than 100 highly qualified teachers and successful businessmen; most of them have the degree of doctors and candidates of sciences. The virtual specialized faculties in different businesses are maintained by the best consultants and practices of Russia. Internships in foreign countries are organized due to school international contacts.

Such clients as Lukoil, Pigma, Zavolschski machinery plant, Kirovsk communal systems, RosAlit, insurance company Rosno, as well as a wide spectrum of managers of small and med-sized business have already assessed the advantages of Green City education.


The Motto of the activities:

“The world is changing and you do along with the world!”


Federal State Educational Establishment of Additional Professional Learning for Specialists

“Nizhegorodsky Regional Institute of Management and Economics of Agricultural Complex”


Chief of “Nizhegorodsky Regional Institute of Management and Economics of Agricultural Complex”- Vasiliy D. Kozlov

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Executive of the Project “Business School Green City”

A member of the Executive Board of Association of Business Education of Russia

An expert of the Expertise Board of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on the program “Master of Business Administration”

An expert of the Expertise Board of the President’s Program of Personnel Training

A member of the Editorial Board of the magazine “Business Education”, the “Birzha”,

the” Birzha plus Career” newspapers.

A Valid member of 4 International Academies

A Co-chairman of Interregional Association of MBA Coachers


Federal State Educational Establishment of Additional Professional Learning for Specialists

“Nizhegorodsky Regional Institute of Management and Economics of Agricultural Complex”

was founded in 1936 within the structure of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The Institute has always been a link between state power and professional community. All the structure of professional post graduate professional learning has been developed within this frame of their cooperation. The system covers various issues such as: business administration, market economy, agriculture business, management, marketing, finance, personnel management.

The course of training takes from 72 to 1800 academic hours. The Institute plays an important role in the flow of the agriculture personnel training projects of Nizhegorodsky region.

Tuition fees vary from economical to elite personnel projects depending on the income of students. There are corporate educational programs for such great corporations as LUKoil, Sberbank and others. The total yearly amount of students comes to 10.000 people from various regions of Russia. The students are aware that they invest money in the professional education of high quality.

The famous business leaders come to train students, they promote their business ideas and share their experience with them, invite them to visit most prosperous enterprises. About 16 agricultural companies of the region welcome their visitors.

The Institute places a famous business club of leaders in agriculture who provide essential aid for the training in the sphere. Moreover, the club encouraged an opportunity to establish a research and educational center named “Green City”.

The campus occupies the territory of 32 hectares in the green forest part of the city. The institute comprises the main building with 12 well-equipped classes (20 seats in each), an assembly hall (200 seats) and lounge halls. All the classes are provided with the Internet access and local Intranet. A snack bar and a café offer students a wide range of dishes. There is a hotel, a mini-golf club and other facilities.


The Institute has been licensed in the 4 programs of professional retraining:

  • Management
  • Accounting and audit
  • Master of Business Administration
  • State and Municipal Management

in 6 educational programs of refresh courses:

  • Refresh courses for executives in professional retraining
  • Informatics
  • Service in Agriculture
  • Efficient Cattle-breeding
  • Innovations in Agricultural Production
  • Labor Protection


The main challenge in the programs is focused upon innovative experience.

To promote it among agricultural business the Institute established a special Analytical and Consultancy Center which collects and analyses all the positive and valuable innovations in this area and provides efficient professional advice on the crucial points.


Innovative Divisions of the Institute

Analytical and Consultancy Center

Business School “Green City”

Department of Agribusiness

Chair of  the Innovative Methods in Agriculture

Chair of Economics and Management in Agriculture


Innovative Model of Economics Development in Agriculture

The model is supposed to use a systematic implement of science and industry achievements into the actual economic activities of enterprises and organizations. The chairs of the Institute do a constant research in the sphere of agricultural innovations and have developed a new system of professional retraining for agricultural personnel.


Research and International Activities

The Institute is focused on scientific research of various issues in the area of agricultural management and economics. The teaching and administrative staff and students take an active part in the scientific conferences of all kinds, namely: regional, interregional, all-Russian and international. Current innovations of agriculture are being discussed and promoted at the events. The most essential results of the on-going development were presented at the famous International Forum “Russia United”(2010, 2011) and at the latest scientific conference “Agribusiness: successful activities and career” (October 2011). The usual amount of participants comes to more than 150 people. Chief Executives of enterprises, high federal and regional officials, successful farmers and entrepreneurs shared their experience and discussed the most vital innovative issues in the area, such as:

  • Future food market and security of Russia
  • Ideology of Agribusiness in Russia in the terms of WTO
  • Innovative Technologies in Agribusiness
  • Development of rural entrepreneurship
  • Investment policy in Agribusiness.


The results of research activities are published in various brochures, books and surveys to be used by the farmers and people interested in changing the world for the better.

Steady international links have been established between the Institute and different foreign countries – Japan, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Byelorussia. Foreign visitors deliver lectures, consultancy and develop study visit activities.


Contact Information:

603903, Russia,

Nizhny Novgorod,

Settlement ZelenyGorod,



tel. 88314387847

Россия, 603121, Нижний Новгород, к.п. Зеленый город, Агродом

Тел/факс: +7 (831) 438-78-47, 438-70-79