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Бизнес-школа Green City начинает набор на обучение по программам МВА: "МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ В ЗДРАВООХРАНЕНИИ И ФАРМАЦИИ", МВА - Команда будущего (Master of Business Administration), Pre-MBA Среда для лидерского роста
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MBA Forward team

MBA–Forward Team

Green City Business School offers a training programme for managers and specialists of the functional units, capable of solutions in difficult situations of competition: MBA-Forward Team.

 The programme was developed in accordance with the state demands to obtain additional qualification "Master of business administration” (MBA)

License of 15 March 2005.

MBA-Forward Team characteristic property

The programme proposes convenient style of studing: part-time weekend format (4 - 5 days per month). This format allows you to get MBA degree without interruption in job. At the same time students will have to demonstrate  maximum concentration and high self-organization, planning of their time, prioritization. MBA gives the system of management education.

MBA curriculum includes:

1) scientific fundamentals for business and management

2) ground professional disciplines of management

3) specialized disciplines:

  • module "strategy"
  • module "marketing"
  • module "finance"
  • module "staff"
  • work on the applied and qualification projects.

MBA-Forward Team courses are arranged in a logical sequence to produce maximum useful educational effect. The studying includes problematic lectures on different problems, broad involvement of actual participants experience in discussing the business challenges facing the known  companies, and in resolving management difficulties. In addition to the state MBA programme there are a large number of copyright and non - specialized courses (optional), overseas tours, internships  and besides participation in sports.

MBA-Forward Team participants achieve:

- integrated business vision, knowledge of business processes relationship

- self-assessment promotion due to their acquisition of unique knowledge and skills in the balanced course of applied theory and practice.

- leadership features and strategic know-hows.

Special interest group

MBA-Forward Team students – leaders of the functional units, managers, business owners.  During the educational process they gain knowledge and skills of joint working, implementation of joint projects, consideration of specific business situations, presentation arrangements. Thus, their professional level and management competence significantly increase.

This programme is consided to fit in the current pace of life. This programme is for those who seek to improve and maintain their competitiveness and who is aware that this is possible through continuous training, refresher and retraining. MBA alumni greatly contribute to the development of their companies.

2 years (1800 hours) training. At the end of the process alumni get the state diploma of qualifications "Master of business administration” (MBA).

Россия, 603121, Нижний Новгород, к.п. Зеленый город, Агродом

Тел/факс: +7 (831) 438-78-47, 438-70-79