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Pre-MBA Programme

If you are young, you know exactly what you need!

Business education is a promising path to your professional promotion.

Green City Business School makes available business education for undergraduates and graduates.

The programme named Pre-MBA focuses on the formation of the new generation of Russian managers who will be effective in a dynamically developing business reality. This is the Mission of the programme.

With the help of Pre-MBA our participants open new horizons, shape the holistic vision of the world.

Pre-MBA is a special training programme for preparing to MBA admission.

Pre-MBA Specific Features:

Pre-MBA coaching focuses on skills and expertise in the following key spheres: strategic and tactical management planning, financial planning, communication, business processes building, decision making, motivation, teamwork and leadership.

Pre-MBA curricula mainstream comprises Russian business and management content, at the same time sufficient attention is given to international management experience.

Alongside with the compulsory disciplines Pre-MBA contains a number of courses related to organizational conception and development, corporate finance, crisis management, business processes managing, management decision making.

Creative teaching contributes to mutual enrichment and learning due to high intellect of participants. The turn-out is unlimited opportunities for self-development after Pre-MBA graduation. Key criteria, Green City Business Scool is chosen by, are logically structured training programme and highly qualified lectures and tutors  from large Russian and Western companies.

Participant profile:

  • to be an undergraduate or graduate at the moment of admission;
  • to have experience period not less than 1 year;
  • to have clear motivation for serious work on the programme;
  • to be at the age of 21 to 23.

Why Pre-MBA in Green City Business School ?

The programme is designed to meet international standards for quality and content.

The School uses active methods of training: role-playing games, case-studies, training.

The School offers simultaneous specialization on several fronts.

The School demonstrates  individual approach to participants. 

A unique team of teachers is invited to work in the School.

Graduate Certificate:

At the end of the Pre-MBA teaching participants get Certificate that allows to go on studying on MBA course and gain the degree “Master of Business Administration”. Besides, with   Pre-MBA academic disciplines acceptance in the volume of 240 hours.

Green City Business School promotes alumni employment.



Россия, 603121, Нижний Новгород, к.п. Зеленый город, Агродом

Тел/факс: +7 (831) 438-78-47, 438-70-79